Dell 3007WFP Backlight Uniformity Problems

Dell 3007WFP

Size: 30″
Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Pixel Format: 2560 x 1600

Dell 3007WFP

Dell has a problem on its hands with the 30″ LCD monitor: 3007WFP. A great price for what you get, but you might want to see what you buy before you pull the trigger. All around the Net, you have people complaining about backlight uniformity issues with the 3007WFP. The units with the problem has a revision number AOO. Reading DailyTech, the problem seems to be that the right side of the screen is much brighter than the left. Dell seemed to have solved the problem with the 3007WFP with A01 revision numbers. Of course, the supplier of the LCD, LG.Philips LCD (LPL) need to fess up since it's an LCD problem, not the Taiwanese casing with the Dell logo slapped on. Looking at LPL’s website, I found out that the panel model name is LM300W01 with a brightness of 250nits. Interestingly, Dell’s page states that the LM300W01 has 400nits. Maybe LPL didn’t update their specs online. Not perfectly an apples to apples comparison, but a 32″ LCD TV has about 16 CCFL tubes in the BLU generating a front luminance of about 600nits. Just a guess, but I’m figuring the LM300W01 has the same number of CCFL tubes. You would think it has 1/3 less because of the difference in brightness, but because the LM300W01 has substantially more pixels, brightness is decreased. Why you ask? Each pixel is smaller and because there are TFT-related electronics that decrease room for light to pass through, higher resolution panels such as the LM300W01 will have less brightness given the same diagonal size, number and performance of CCFL tubes. With such a large number of CCFLs in the back, controlling brightness is critical to get brightness uniformity. Inverters that invert DC to AC to drive CCFLs need to be controlled and those inverter controllers, though not expensive, might have had something to do with the problems with Dell’s 3007WFP. O2 Micro is one company that I know who makes inverter controllers (look under “Intelligent Lighting”; under products).

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