Alienware mALX

NBPCs have been getting larger and larger. Apple started the whole trend by introducing its 17" PowerBook and now several companies have introduced 19" NBPCs. Alienware just introduced a 19" NBPC, the mALX. The mALX has a 19" wide screen with 1680*1050 pixel format and 16:10 aspect ratio. I am a little disappointed because I think the pixel format is a bit on the low side. I would think 1920*1200 would be better choice since there are 17" NBPCs that have that higher pixel format. With Vista supporting higher pixel format screens, I would think the trend to more pixels is just about to start. Large is good, but with size comes weight and the mALX is hefty at 15lbs (including the battery). Another Alienware strength is graphics capability and the mALX is no exception. It has dual graphics cards using two nVidia GeForce Go 7900 GTX GPUs with 256MB and is SLI enabled. More information can be found in Alienware's technical specification page for the mALX.

Alienware mALX 19

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