Luxpia White LED w/Green Phosphors

Traditional white-LEDs use a blue light-emitting LED chip coated with a yellow phospor. This solution is readily used in mobile phones and now some NBPCs. The Sony TR series come to mind. However, the color gamut suffers with this type of solution, with a typical ~45% NTSC color gamut. The other solution is to use R-G-B LED chips (three) to generate white light. This requires many LEDs and it is not cost effective nor small enough to be used in mobile phones or small NBPCs. On May 3, Luxpia announced that it has come up with a solution by creating white light with blue and red LED chips and adding a green phosphor. Compared to R-G-B LED solutions, Luxpia's solution requires less LED chips and generates a color gamut of more than 75% NTSC.

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