Samsung PAVV Daylight Plus PDP

When my friends ask me what type of TV they should get (between plasma and LCD), I ask them a simple question: When, where, how, what are they going to watch TV? I guess it's not that simple. But for the most part, if you're watching TV mostly at night with the lights turned off, plasma is the better way to go. If you tend to watch TV during the day or with a lot of ambient light, LCD TVs are the way. Well, I might have to change my answer now. Samsung has developed a PDP TV that has 4x the bright-room CR by maximizing external light absorption, reduction of light reflections, improvement of inner image signal transmittance through a black panel and daylight filter. This was jointly developed with Samsung SDI, a completely separate company with its own shares from Samsung Electronics. There is no more information about exactly what the black panel is or how the daylight filter works. The PAVV (Korean sub-brand) units come in two sizes: 42" (SPD-42Q7HD, US$4000) and 50" (SPD-50Q7HD, US$5240).

Samsung PAVV SPD-50Q7HDW

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