Sony PS3

The guys from Sony shared with E3 attendees what they were up to with the PlayStation 3. Date? Early November 2006. Blu-ray? Yes. HDD? Yes, 60GB for $600, 20GB for $500. The new PS3 controller uses Bluetooth and detects physical movements of the controller to detect X-Y-Z, pitch, roll, yaw, lateral motion. Cool. But the best thing about the PS3 will be the graphics with Full HD support. That means the PS3 will support 1080p gameplay. Now is the time to get that 42" LCD TV with 1920*1080 pixel format so when the PS3 hits stores later this year, you'll be one of the cool ones to experience mind-blowing PS3 titles at 1080p. I just wrote this, but I can't really imagine how cool that's going to be. This post requires a picture of GT4 HD. I copied it from Engadget.Gran Turismo 4 HD

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