LGE 1164*1950mm PDP Fab

For the first time in the PDP industry, LGE developed its A2 PDP production line with a glass size of 1164*1950mm that can process three 50" PDPs with a total panel production capacity of 100,000 units per month. LGE also has its A1 line with a glass handling size of 1164*650mm that can produce only a single 50" PDP with a 50,000 unit per month capacity. So, total, LGE's 50" PDP production capacity from both A1 and A2 will be 150,000 units per month. This increase from a single panel to three will reduce processing time and the number of process resulting in cost reductions. GM of the PDP BU at LGE, Kwang-Ho Yun, stated that LGE would be adopting A2 to produce eight 42" PDPs. Source: FPDisplay.com

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