Samsung White OLED BLU

Back light units (BLUs) have been dominated by CCFLs (cold cathod fluorescent lamps) in all display solutions. This changed with mobile phones and now, nearly 100% of mobile phones have LED BLUs. Technically, the LEDs are not behind the display but on the side or on the bottom. NBPCs are slowly moving toward LEDs. There is great interest for LEDs for TVs as well. Samsung is going a step further and will be pumping 50 billion won (~US$54 million) to invest in equipment that will be complete setup by the end of 2007 with mass production slated for 2008. Samsung will use it's G5 1100*1300mm line in Cheonan for this purpose. Compared to LEDs, white OLEDs offer higher light efficiencies and increases color gamuts. Source:

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