UC Irvine’s HIPerWall

HIPerWall stands for Highly Parallelized Display Wall, is located at UC Irvine's Calit2 GRAVITY (Center of Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging Technoogy). UCI's primary focus is stated to be on Earth science visualization, whatever that means exactly; something to the tune of "large areas of the plant at high resolution and depth". This is funded by our tax dollars via the NSF, MRI, Calit2, and HSSoE. Bet you don't know what those acroynms stand for! I sure didn't, so here goes:

NSF: National Science Foundation (this was the easiest)
MRI: Major Research Instrumentation Program
Calit2: California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
HSSoE: Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Now back to the display…

The tile of displays include fifty 30" Apple Cinema Displays powered by 25 PowerMac G5s. Now, let's count: 2560*1600 (per 30" Apple Cinema Display) = 4,096,000 pixels * 50 = 204,800,000. WOW, a 204.8 megapixel display! Source: UCI


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