JVC HD-70FH96 70″ LCoS TV


This unit was introduced during CES 2006 and has shipped to your nearest store. The 70″ unit is the largest of three: 56″, 61″ and 70″. MSRP is $6999.95 , but the best prices, of course, are found online. I most often use Pricegrabber.com to find the best prices out there and Abe’s of Main has it for $4019.00. Of course, I would never purchase anything from Abe’s (4 out of 5 stars, but read the reviews carefully). I Buy Digital, a 5-star store according to Pricegrabber sells the 70″ monster for $4299.00–this price is without tax and shipping and that depends on where you are located. Let’s talk about the display. Let me tell you: the display is wonderful. This has a 1080p LCoS 3-chip system that generates a beautiful video picture with 1920*1080 pixel format. JVC, like many others (e.g. Sony’s SXRD), has a name for its LCoS technology and it’s called HD-ILA. What’s the big deal with LCoS? Well, not a lot of people can see it, but those with keen eyes can see a rainbow effect on DLPs. Plus, DLPs with sharp edges, much like LCD TVs, can be a little too sharp for people who like the softer images from CRTs and plasma. Anyway, go to a local AV store and check out the JVC, it’ll knock your socks off. Source: JVC

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