Toshiba SED TV in 2008

SED stands for Surface conduction Electron-emitter Display and Toshiba is the champion of this new display technology. According to Toshiba, SED has lower material costs than LCD. This is a big deal because most of the cost associated with manufacturing LCDs is material costs. Why are material costs so dang expensive? Well, most of the material companies are Japanese and they have a near monopoly. That's why. Back to SED. By July 2007, Toshiba is planning to start mass production of SED TVs in its plant located in Hiratsuka City in the Kanagawa prefecture. They will start with a 55" in Q4'07. The company will go into high RPM with the SED TVs in early 2008 at the Himeji line (I don't know where this is located).

Remember back in early January during CES 2006 when Canon announced that it would launch SED TVs by summer 2006? And that was also a delay. Something must be up. I'll stick to my plan on buying a 42" LCD TV by next Christmas.

Toshiba SED

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