Acer AT3205-DTV: 32″ LCD TV

US$1,888 is not a whole lot of money to spend on a 32″ LCD TV. But, I don’t think I would plunk down so much for a TV that has the Acer logo on it. Why? First of all, this 32″ TV would be standing proudly in a prominent location either in my living room or my family room. Although my friends are generally not brand-snobs, they would wonder who Acer is and I would have to explain that they are a PC brand that think they are now also a CE brand just by adding their logo on a TV box. Thanks, but no thanks. According to Trusted Reviews, the black levels and fine details are lacking. Good colors and acceptable brightness levels (500nits). CR at 800:1. 1366 x 768 pixel resolutions (a standard). HDMI & DVI. Trusted Reviews, in my impression, thinks that the $1,888 is great. I differ. I am more impressed with Syntax Olevia’s LT32HVM 32″ LCD TV and with the price of $899.99 on, I could get two for the price of one Acer. Now, that’s value. I will note that the Syntax box does not come with an ATSC tuner, so plan on adding about $100-$150 if you want one. Of course, at least in the US, who watches OTA HDTV? If you’re thinking of spending $900 on one of these IPS technology wonders, plan on spending the extra $50 for either cable TV or satellite TV. A few more specs on the Syntax:

-1200:1 CR, using dynamic contrast enhancements ups to 1600:1
-1366 x 768 pixel format
-8ms response time
-DVI, S-Video, VGA, Component, Composite-V-Chip

Acer AT3205-DTV 32

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