Apple MacBook: 13.3″ Wide 1280 x 800

Apple just introduced the MacBook, the successor to the iBook. But with one crucial difference, or many. The screen went wide. It’s about time. For the longest time, the 12″ iBooks and PowerBooks were the only Apple NBPCs that had screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The MacBook changes all of that and replaces both the 12″ iBook and the 12″ PowerBook. The screen as a 1280 x 800 pixel format and is supplied by one or more of these companies: AUO, CMO, LPL and Samsung. These LCD panels provide 250nits of luminance and is 5.5mm thick and weighs 350g. Of course, the MacBook has all the goodies such as built-in iSight, iLife, FrontRow, etc. and comes in either Black or White. But… if you want the black you have to go with the $1499.00 2.0GHz Core Duo as I am not seeing the 1.83GHz version in black. I guess black is in.

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