Palm Treo 700p

The new Treo 700p features EV-DO, a 312MHz Xscale CPU, 128MB of flash memory with 60MB being usable, a 1.3MP digital camera, Bluetooth, SDIO, and a 3" 320*320 pixel format TFT LCD screen. The 700p runs the Palm OS that makes use of every one of those 102,400 pixels. Windows Mobile 5.0, on the other hand, is limited to 240*240. (Microsoft makes a lame excuse here. Basically, they are technically lazy and went the easy way instead of providing the user a better UI experience with a higher resolution display.) Some additional information: No WiFi support on the SDIO slot. No voice dialing over Bluetooth. No support for SD cards over 2GB. No PlaysForSure support. Source:
Treo 700p 

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