Sony UX Micro PC (not UMPC!)

The UX Micro PC, unlike UMPCs, has a built-in mechanical keyboard. Good move Sony. I hate leaving my fingerprints all over the screen. According to Engadget, the unit is powered by a Core Solo CPU and runs Windows XP Pro. Dang. Some wireless goodness include: Bluetooth, WiFi and WWAN (EGDE, shoot, why not EV-DO?). It also has a fingerprint reader, which is a good thing because a while back I left my Treo 600 at a restaurant and I guess nobody brought it back. If that Treo 600 had a fingerprint reader, at least I would know that loser who took it wouldn’t be able to use it. So good going Sony. Two cameras adorn the unit: one in the front (video conferencing stuff) and one in the back for snapping pictures of things beautiful. You can connect an external monitor to it via its VGA connector. Very nice. And the kicker: a 4.5″ 800 x 600 pixel format TFT LCD. Wow. That’s a lot of pixels crammed into a 4.5″ screen. Hmmm. Now wait a second. All of the pictures that I’ve seen, seem to tell me that this screen is wide. 800*600 is not wide. I think the folks at Engadget got it wrong. I’ll bet it’s 800*480. (Update: I was wrong about the pixel format, but it definitely is wide at: 1024 x 600) Stylus input is there. There’s a dock too with VGA, FireWire, Ethernet, USB 2.0 (x3) and AV out. Nice.

Here is a link to more pictures and some videos of the UX being used.

Sony VAIO UX Micro PC

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