Sony has a teaser campaign or a viral marketing program going on. After a few blury images pass by it asks: “Is it green, red, orange, or <font color=blue>Blu</font>?” Well, from the way they spelled blu, I’m guessing it has something to do with Blu-ray. But, aren’t Blu-ray disks pretty darn big? Too big to fit into a UMPC? Hmm. Maybe they have a mini-Blue-ray disc (8cm?) that they will be showing us. Now, that would be interesting. Well, jkOnTheRun has some pictures up that touts them to be pictures of this new VAIO from Sony, so I had to take a look. The pictures looks pretty authentic but for some reason the keys didn’t really show up, so while I was messing around with Photoshop, I inverted it and increased the brightness and contrast way up. What was revealed was what looks like a bunch of retouched portions right around the buttons. Whoever did this Photoshop’ed image is good, but not that good. Besides, if this UMPC has a 7″ LCD screen like the others (e.g. Samsung), then there is no way Blu-ray can fit, unless they came out with a 8cm version. Hopefully, I’m wrong and these are real shots of the new VAIO, because I like the way it looks! We shall see tomorrow…

Sony's new VIAO UMPC?

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