HannStar Acquires LCD Patents

HannStar Display (HSD) claims to have 400 patents and 300 pending and is the second largest among the five Taiwanese LCD makers. I guess HSD didn't have the right patents to cover some of the LCD R&D efforts that are underway because HSD reached out to Honeywell International and Honeywell Intellectual Properties to obtain rights to use their patents for enhancing screen brightness and reducing moire effects in LCDs. Toshiba Matsushita Display (TMD), Hitachi Displays, and Sharp are among others that HSD has tapped for LCD-related IPs. HSD unfortunately is one of the smaller LCD suppliers in the world of 600-pound gorillas such as AUO, LPL, Samsung and Sharp and will be hard-pressed to continue competing. AUO recently announced the absorption of QDI and the chances of survial might be better for HSD to merge with someone bigger rather than to go it alone. Source: Digitimes

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