Viewsonic VG2021M: 20″ 1400 x 1050 LCD Monitor

Most 20″ monitors have a pixel format of 1600 x 1200 with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The new wide versions are 16:10 with a 1680 x 1050 pixel format.

One of the most popular 20″ wide LCD monitors is Dell’s 2007WFP. I just checked Dell’s site (Home & Home Office) and the price is $390.15 before any coupons. It is still a bit expensive for some, but I think it’s a very good value for the majority. Viewsonic wanted to offer a 20″-class LCD monitor for a bit less.

Viewsonic has come out with a cheaper 20″ solution by dropping the resolution to 1400 x 1050. The aspect ratio is 4:3, so that stays the same. I did a quick PriceGrabber price search and the cheapest price seems to be roughly in the $330 range supplied by one of the top merchants (ZipZoomfly).

Is a $60 premium worth the wide and the extra resolution of 200 additional horizontal pixels? I think so, especially when you add a coupon or two to drop the price down to around $350.

Now this is still an up-in-the-air topic and anything could happen. I’m talking about Vista and high-resolution support. If my fonts are going to simply look better without getting smaller when I use higher-resolution displays with Vista, I would seriously consider purchasing a new LCD monitor with as many pixels as I can afford. In this case, if I had to choose between the Dell 2007WFP and the Viewsonic VG2021M, I’d go for the Dell. Plus, it’s wide!

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