Apple MacBook: Glossy

Apple’s decision to use a glossy 13.3″ wide TFT LCD is interesting, but not surprising. You don’t have an option as you do with the MacBook Pro. Many other NBPC brands have been offering glossy screens for a while now. Heck, even Dell has many glossy screens. So, what’s the big hoot about glossy? Some hate it and some others like it. Apple claims that the glossy feature enhances brightness by 70%. The brightness is about 250 cd/m2 on the MacBook. If the 70% brightness enhancement is true, the original non-glossy display would only have a brightness of only 147 cd/m2. And this is very much right on the dot as the previous 12.1″ 1024 x 768 screen on the iBook G4 12″ had about 150 cd/m2 of brightness. However, is this due to the glossiness? Not really. Although I don’t know the specifics, by adding a glossy polarizer on the top portion of the LCD, my guess is that a film of sorts (probably a anti-reflective film?) did not have to be used, thus allowing more light through. But that’s not going to add 100 cd/m2 alone. With developments of thinner LCD glass and better materials including higher performing CCFLs, in addition to the glossy screen, will you get numbers closer to 100 cd/m2. I do find that my glossy screen looks like it has superior contrast ratios compared to non-glossy screens, but that might be my eyes and mind doing some trickery on me because I’ve invested so much money on my PC already.

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