Walsin Technoloy Group: Own-Branded LCD Monitors

I have never heard of Walsin Technology Corporation (WTC) before. WTC is a component maker based in Taiwan. Back in April, WTC opened a new R&D center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to research high-capacitance multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). Just as a side note, RoHS complaint capacitors require lead to be absent and has pushed manufacturers to use a pure tin plating and without lead in the termination. The R&D center is roughly 40,000 square feet and will cost about US$62 million.

WTC will focus on X5R material based MLCCs at the new R&D center. Currently, most Taiwanese passive-component makers are using Y5V material to produce high-capacitance MLCCs. Most Japanese manufacturers such as Taiyo Yuden are already using X5R material for their MLCCs. Yageo, a Taiwan-based competitor to WTC, will be concentrating on X5R MLCCs in 2006 comprising 80% of MLCC production. But I digress…

PSA, for Passive System Alliance, is the brand that WTC will be using for its LCD monitors. WTC will be working with HannStar Entertainment starting this month. HannStar Entertainment had a previous working relationship with CMO to distribute two of its brands: CMV and PolyView but CMO discontinued that relationship. Source: Digitimes

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