Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma (FHP) Develops Highest Resolution 42″ Plasma

FHP is claiming it’s 42″ PDP utilizing ALIS technology to be the world’s highest resolution PDP with 1.11 megapixels. The pixel format is a strange 1024*1080. I get the 1080 horizontal lines, but the 1024 is a bit lacking. HD content as far as I know has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This new FHP PDP looks more like it has a 1:1 aspect ratio. FHP is also claiming that the 42″ PDP has the world’s highest brightness of 1400 cd/m2. Please not that many brightness measurements are made in a very dark room with a single pixel turned on to the maximum brightness. This is not how we watch TV, but makes for some impressive specification numbers that marketing can use. FHP has enhanced the red phosphors used and that generates better color reproduction on its PDPs with a color gamut of 95%, quite a bit higher than the normal range of 72%-80% NTSC.

Source: EETimes

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