LG Electronics “Time Machine” TVs

The Time Machine series of TVs by LGE incorporates a digital TV recorder and now account for 80% of all digital TV sales for LG. According to the company, the hard-disk recording function is not an option anymore and the additional cost to the consumer is only 150,000 – 200,000 (US$160 – $220) won more. The Time Machine function is built inside the TV.

Samsung is not watching its archrival get all the glory. Samsung, on May 16, introduced their version of digital TV recording, the “Anyview” video recording system that is different from its rival in one very significant way: it is a separate device that can be connected to other digital devices requiring its own controls via a separate remote control.

Personally, I wouldn’t like an extra remote control. That give LG an upper hand for the many of us who is swamped with too many remote controls and want to control our entire audio video system with as few remote controls as possible. I also want my TV to work simply. I want to push the power button, turn to a channel and watch TV. But if I can’t make it to the time the show I want to see is on, I want to recording process to be as easy as Tivo, if not easier. Make it simple and easy. That’s what I want. Source: TMCnet

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