Opto Technology: 9 Wavelengths from Single LED

Opto Technology introduced the OTLA-0100 multi-chip LED module that produces nine wavelengths of light by incorporating nine LED chips into a compact, thermally conductive ceramic substrate package. The wavelengths are from UV through 380nm, 410nm, 460nm, 500nm, 525nm, 575nm, 615nm, 655nm and 705nm. Additional wavelenghts can be incorporated by integrating secondary optics. Pricing starts from $82.00 per unit in small quantities. Typical applications as stated by Opto Technology include: fluorescence excitation equipment, colorimeters, blood analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers and DNA analyzers. I guess this is not applicable as a LED backlight source for displays. Sooner or later when incorporating multiple high-power LED chips into a ceramic substrate package is feasible for backlights, we can expect a significant increase in color gamuts for TVs and monitors. Source: ThomasNet

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