TMDisplay Field Sequential OCB LCD

TMDisplay combined two technologies: Optically Compensated Bend (OCB) and Field Sequential technology to realize a high transmittance, wide viewing angle, high speed response 9″ TFT LCD. Field sequential technology does away with color filters (CFs) that leads to high transmittance without the light absorption caused by the CF. In general, CF absorbs roughly 70% of light generated by the backlight that hit it from the inside and only 30% of that gets to the polarizer, which is the outer most layer of a typical LCD. Field sequential technoloy also allows a threefold increase in the number of pixels as it does not require a RGB sub-pixel structure used with CF.

Everything sounds great, but with field sequential technology the TFT must be driven three times has fast and that requires the use of a different type of liquid crystals–OCB. With OCB, a LC response time of 3.3ms can be achieved. In addition, power consumption is lowered, viewing angles increased (170 all around) and the light transmittance has been improved to 2.6x that of previous OCB panels. Source: TMDisplay

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