Univision Licenses Kodak OLED Technology

Univision Technology, based in Taiwan, licensed OLED technology from Kodak and intends to incorporate Kodak's know-how in future passive matrix displays. Univision joins more than 15 companies that have licensed OLED technology from Kodak. Source: Optics.org

OLED has been talked about, written about, made fun of, etc. but the only OLED screen that I've ever touched is from Motorola's Timeport. If you remember correctly, the Timeport had a small OLED display as its main display (had no sub-display) with blue (time) and green (everything else) colors. The black background was really black and the blue and green popped out. The display was very nice indeed. But after many years, the OLEDs degrade and they degrade faster than most other display technologies. That's why OLEDs are great for mobile phone applications: who keeps their mobile phone for more than a few years? By the 3rd year, your 3 year old phone is completely obsolete (well, sort of). My 2 year old Motorola V60c can't even be used on current Verizon networks because Verizon won't let me due to the fact that it lacks e911 (GPS) capability. But there are many devices with OLED screens that I haven't had the pleasure of using, the list can be found at OLED-Info.com.

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