Westaim’s iFire Searching for Joint Venture

Westaim is a small Canadian company that makes drugs and ointments but also owns a subsdiar, iFire Corp. iFire's TV technology is the only solid state flat panel TV technology–and requires no gasses, liquids, vacuums, etc. The panel consists of pastes, chemicals and dielectric materials layered onto a 34" diagonal glass that is 1" thick. The reason why Westaim and its investors are anxious to get things going for iFire is that the production cost (CoP) of iFire's TV panel is much cheaper than LCD or plasma TVs: $300 CoP for a 34" model that translates into about a $1000 retail price. That is cheap, but not that cheap. For instance, there are no-named brands that are selling 32" LCD TVs at retailers like Wal-Mart that go for less than $1000. iLo, a Wal-Mart in-house brand, has a 32" LCD TV with a digital tuner (ATSC) that is selling for $867. That's $133 cheaper than iFire's projection. Of course, it's also 2" smaller. However with CoP reductions continuing at a rapid pace at dozens of LCD manufacturers, iFire's CoP advantage might last only a short while. Source: metro

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