Inkel Widetouch 5.6: A 5.6″ GPS DMB PMP

Yes, that’s a lot of acroynms, but Inkel’s Widetouch 5.6 does a lot of things in the little package. Inkel is a fairly well-known brand in Korea for making audio equipment and it is a surprise that they are getting into the portable media player (PMP) market or is it the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) market or is it the Global Positioning System (GPS) market. Anyway, the Widetouch 5.6 has, as the name suggests, a 5.6″ TFT LCD. I don’t know the specifications for the LCD as it seems a bit large for such applications and hence a bit hefty to lug around. The new Sony UX Micro PC has a 4.5″ display and some reviewers are mentioning how it might be a bit difficult to carry around in your pocket, which I agree. (You’ll need a man-bag!) Although watching DMB TV might be much more enjoyable on the Widetouch 5.6, but only if you’re in Korea where DMB TV services got started. 

Source: Engadget

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