Lenovo V100: 12.1″ Wide Ultraportable NBPC

The title says ultraportable, but I’m not so sure. The V100 is 4lbs and that classifies it in the portable category not ultra. When we talk about ultraportable, I’m thinking of Sony’s 11.1″ wide TX-series that weighs only 2.75lbs. Anyhow, the display has a 1280 x 800 pixel format (16:10 aspect ratio) with a non-glossy LCD. Some like glossy and some hate glossy. Personally, I like glossy, but I don’t mind non-glossy either. For me, the V100 is neither sexy and looks like it was designed by those who design Dell boxes, a thumbs down. Lenovo’s “VibrantView” marketing scheme for its displays don’t seem to be anything special. The only thing I like about it is the price, which is expected to be around $1000. But for that price, I would much rather get the 13.3″ wide MacBooks.

Source: NotebookReview

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