Chi Mei Intros 22″ Wide 221 Series LCD Monitor

Although we in the US don’t get a Chi Mei-branded LCD monitor (good thing?), the folks in Taiwan will be surprised to see another size available to them when it comes to LCD monitors: 22″ wide. Remember a long time ago when Apple had a 22″ wide? Well, it seems the size is coming back. CMO’s 22″ wide has a pixel format of 1680*1050, which isn’t too bad but is quite a bit lower than the 23″ wide panels out there with a lot more pixels: 1920 x 1200. I’m sure the 22″ wide is a strategy born out of the need to bring down the cost of 20″+ LCD monitors to not only load up their large fabs but also to see that market segment grow.

-22″ wide, 16:10 aspect ratio
-1680 x 1050 pixel format-330 cd/m2-800:1 CR
-5ms response time (RT)
-170/160 (H/V viewing angles, using TN+Film to enhance wide viewing angles)

Nexgen Mediatech, a Chi Mei Group member, will be selling the 221 series at NT$16,900 (~US$530) and has a fairly aggressive goal of selling 1 million Chi Mei-branded monitors in 2006 including other sizes. The Chi Mei brand will be available in Australia later this year while Europe will have the Mirai branded version.

Rumor has it Viewsonic is also in on the 22″ bandwagon and will be releasing their wide monitor either this month or next. 

Source: DigiTimes

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