ASUS W3J 14″ Wide NBPC Introduced in India

The W3J incorporates a 14″ wide TFT LCD with Color Shine and Crystal Shine technologies. Color Shine is synonymous with glare-type displays while Crystal Shine improves brightness by using a glare-type display and having a more powerful CCFL. According to Richard Chen, PM, Notebook Business, AUS India, “Indian notebook buyers expect nothing but the best and that is what ASUS products strive to give them.” With India becoming (or already is?) the new Silicon Valley with a software twist, I am sure their demands for notebook performance is as much as anyone. The 14″ display is exactly 14.0″ and has a pixel format of 1280*768 that was being used by HP’s DV1000 NBPC, not the 14.1″ 1280*800 that is being used currently by Dell. 14″ wide is increasingly moving toward 14.1″ 1280*800 due to Dell and its market leading presence.

Source: IT News Online, ASUS

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