Philips “Clear LCD” and “Pixel Plus 3HD”

Clear LCD involves three technologies: It is an active backlight system that detects light and dark areas of the display and sends information to the backlight for luminance dimming control. Second, by using overdriving technology, LCs respond quicker (rise). However, the falling times of LCs remain the same. Third, Clear LCD involves scanning backlights that provide a 75 times per second flicker, fast enough so motion blur is replaced with “crisp breaks”. The flickering is not detectable by the human visual system with inherent biological limitations of detecting movement at 60fps. One additional change to the backlight is the use of hot carbon fluorocarbons (HCFL) instead of cold carbon fluorocarbons (CCFL) increasing light output by more than 300%. I am not sure what Pixel Plus 3HD does. Ah, wait! Back in January, during CES 2006, Philips introduced the world to its Pixel Plus 3HD technology and this is what I found: This technology alters the incoming signal’s (HD, DVD, etc.) pixels and matches them to surrounding pixels providing a more natural picture. These advancements are incorporated into Philips’ 37″ 37PF9731 and 42″ 42PF9831. One last comment: Philips actually does not manufacture LCDs and these technologies are technologies that are incorporated into the LCD panel itself, so my guess is that LG.Philips LCD is the source of these innovations that Philips is incorporating into their TV sets. Just a guess.

Source: Smarthouse, Philips (PDF)

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