Philips TV520, PNX8535: Video Reference Design & Video Processor Cuts Cost

According to Philips, by incorporating its TV520 hybrid ATSC/DVB solution, the BOM (Bill Of Materials) cost of a TV can be reduced by up to 50%. This should be great news for both TV manufacturers and consumers. Though prices have dropped considerably, 40″ and larger LCD TVs are still in the range of $3000. I would like to see them drop to $999! The PNX8535 video processor also enables TV manufacturers to improve picture quality while reducing BOM costs. Also, another benefit, according to Philips, is the improved time to market at only three months when it typically would require twice the amount of time to design a new TV and see it at Best Buy’s shelves. “Using the TV520 system reference design, TV makers can reach a BOM cost of less than $45 for the required analog and digital processing functionality,” claimed Jos Klippert, Marketing Director for DTV Solutions at Philips Semiconductors. He makes a good point about the FCC ATSC tuner mandate for all TVs by February 2007 and the need for TV manufacturers to sell that during the shopping seasons a few months earlier.

The TV520 reference design incorporates the PNX8535 integrated video processor. The TV520 includes the source decoder for MPEG de-multiplexing and decoding, a video scaler, picture-quality engine and audio decoding. The PNX8535 processor includes SD/HD analog component input, a consumer interface controller, a HD multimedia interface, ADCs (Analog to Digital Converters) and a microprocessor interface (whatever that means).

Source: Electronic Engineering Times Asia

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