Samsung and Cheil to Work on Better LCD TVs

On May 15, Samsung stated that it will work with Cheil Industries to develop LCD TVs using LED BLUs that are thinner and lighter. The LED BLU will be a side-emitting type using a special light guide plate (LGP) produced by Cheil. Typically, larger LCD TVs use BLUs that are illuminated from the back with smaller units using side-emitting BLUs. One reason for this is that due to the large sizes of LCD TVs, a direct type BLU (from the back) is able to generate more luminance due to having the necessary space to add more CCFLs, or LEDs in this case. There are many downsides to a high-power direct LED-based backlight: because there needs to be sufficient space for R-G-B lights from LED chips to mix, this adds bulk. Second, with hundreds or even thousands of LED chips, power consumption has been an issue that some have solved by reducing the LED chips to 20-25% of its capacity and by doing so also elongating lifetimes that typically must be in the range of 50,000 hours for TVs.

They are planning to reduce the thickness of the BLU to 12mm and the entire LCD TV to 8cm. Samsung will use the new side-lit LED BLU system for 21″, 26″ and 32″ LCD TVs and monitors. By using 300 LED chips (100 of each R-G-B color) to generate 13,000 cd/m2. This, according to the companies, will reduce energy consumption by 150w and reduce cost by 50%. This is possible because BLUs are a large portion of the cost of a typical LCD TV such as a 32″ backlit by 16 CCFLs. Cheil has been able to use fewer LEDs to provide more luminance by using a special LGP. The special LGP has a transparent acrylic surface with UV-hardened patterns and will be available in Q1’07.

Source: ETNews

Samsung 40″ LCD TV with LED backlighting

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