Sony’s “Live Color Creation” in V-Series BRAVIA

Sony, more accurately S-LCD (the JV between Samsung and Sony), is using Wide Color Gamut CCFLs (WCG-CCFL) to enhance red and green colors in its V-Series BRAVIA (this is actually an acronym for Best Resolution Audio Video Integrated Architecture, interesting) models (32″, 40″ and 46″). According to Sony (PDF), the WCG-CCFL improves the color gamut by 30%, which would mean roughly a color gamut of 94% NTSC, given a typical color gamut of 72% NTSC. Sony New Zealand is stating a 95% NTSC but inaccurately states the color gamut improvement at 140%. The result is the use of better phosphors or luminescent material that coat the inside of the CCFL. Also, wide gamut backlights generally has a peak radiance at a smaller wavelength (525 vs. 550) than traditional backlight and therefore the color filters must be redesigned to make sure light wavelengths are matched between the light source and filter. The V-Series have 1300:1 CR, 8ms RT, and 178 degree viewing angles from using S-LCD’s improved version of Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA) called S-PVA (Super-PVA) that divides each sub-pixel into two segments per color for increased color consistency.

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