Tvia’s TrueView 5600 Powering 4 TV Models

Tvia is a new name in the game, at least to me, but has landed four accounts. LCD Bank, Suzhou Industrial Park Centronic Electronics Co. (QuiTong Electronics Technology), TOBO Digital Electronics and TaiBao Technology is using Tvia’s TrueView 5600 DTV processor and reference designs in their TV offerings. These Tvia-powered TVs are 32″ LCDs and 42″ plasmas and are distributed throughout the EU, China, South America and the US. Although, I haven’t seen any of these brands at the retailers. But then again, I don’t get out much since I’m glued to the computer screen updating you with the latest and greatest display news.

Tvia’s reference design allowed fast production of new TV models, a must when the overall flat panel TV market is growing like gangbusters. Much like what Philips promised in an earlier post, Tvia guaranteed the TV makers a 45-days or less time to mass production.

Tvia is a fabless semiconductor company and owns a TV design center. TOBO is a electronics company in China and specializes in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of CE equipment. TOBO’s clients include JVC, Toshiba, Thomson and Mitsubishi. Suzhou Industrial Park Centronic Electronic is also located in China and specializes in TV and TV-related product manufacturing. LCD Bank is a Korea-based LCD TV manufacturer and TaiBao, based in China is a fast-growing OEM/ODM for PDP and LCD TV.

Time to market is critical as the US is approaching a time when all of the major retailers are preparing for Q4’06 when most of the TVs will be sold. The TV brands have until the summer months to approach them with the best they have so that they will be slotted into major display areas in the store. And when you have nothing but 45 days, you need to go knock on Tvia’s door. Of course, the TVs based on these solutions will not be competing in picture quality with the Sonys and Samsungs, but at least you set up a meeting with Best Buy.

Source: Yahoo

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