Xbox 360: 720p & 1080i Support

In California many geeks have Fry’s Electronics as their favorite store. The store has quite a few electronic gadgets and parts. I also like visiting the store from time to time. They have a beautiful Samsung wide LCD monitor/TV connected to the Xbox 360 and the games look superb. Now, what I don’t understand about the specifications is the 1080i support. The specs say that all games are supported at 16:9 aspect ratio. And 1080i simply means that the Xbox 360 will generate a 1920*1080 pixel format and send it interlaced. So, does that mean if you have a de-interlacer in a box or in your Full HD TV with a pixel format of 1920*1080 that you can play Xbox 360 at 1920*1080? I’m not sure.

Todd Holmdahl, in an interview with TeamXbox said that “Xbox 360 does not support 1080p at this time.” What I am guessing is that the Xbox 360 does not support 1080p natively and in fact I don’t see why anyone would not be able to use a de-interlacer (especially the ones built into a HDTV) to pump the video source (1080i) up to 1080p.

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