Canon PowerShot S3 IS

I will focus on the little display of the S3 IS. For an in-depth overview of the camera, I always find DPReview to be the best. The S3 IS comes with a 2.0″ TFT LCD that flips out and twists with a total number of pixels at 115,000. The size has improved from the S2 IS, but the pixel count stayed the same. The actual pixel format is 521 x 218 that results in a very high density display with 243.22 PPI, but the total number of pixels don’t quite reach 115,000, but is actually 113,578. Of course, it’s easier, from a sales/marketing standpoint, to simply put down 115,000, so I understand the business aspect of it, but for display folks every pixel counts.

Image source: DPReview

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