Dell Inspiron e1405: 14.1″ 1440 x 900

I’ve always been a proponent of high pixel density displays. The more screen real estate, the more productive. The move to higher pixels per inch (PPI) has been slow, but recent developments are making me happy. For instance, Dell’s new Inspiron e1405 sports a 14.1″ wide TFT LCD with a 1440 x 900 pixel format. That’s going in the right direction from a paltry 1280 x 800. 1680 x 1050 would have been even better, but you can’t expect cutting-edge stuff from a fast follower like Dell. The 14.1″ wide display is powered by a built-in Intel GMA 950 GPU (eh). I would have liked to see a discreet GPU from nVidia or ATI, but again, Dell is all about bringing you the most bang for your buck, or in other words: cheap products. Don’t get me wrong, I own two Dell NBPCs myself.

The folks at NotebookReview seems to think good things about the TrueLife glossy display: “bright, sharp, and easy to work with at the native resolution of 1440 x 900.” About 50% love glossy, the rest hate it. It’s a toss up. Personally, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. The box is a typical Dell box: OK-looking.

Source: Dell

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