Pioneer PDP-436SXE: 43″ TV with DVB-T

The PDP-436SXE is a 43″ plasma TV with a high CR of 3000:1 with a pixel format of 1024*768. This is what I call a HD-ready set, while a plasma TV sporting a pixel format of 1366*768 or 1280*720 is called a HD set since it requires no horizontal scaling to show a 16:9 aspect ration HD content in 720p. Brightness is at a respectable 1100 cd/m2. Also present is Pioneer’s PUREBLACK Crystal Layer that makes black tones black when there is ambient light. Plasmas are generally known to be not so great when there is much ambient light and plasma panel and TV manufacturers have been attacking the problem with novel solutions like Pioneer’s PUREBLACK Crystal Layer technology. The bezel is a matte black aluminum finish and looks very nice. The Crystal emissive layer part of the front glass plate of the PUREBLACK panel increases phosphor discharge stability that results in a decrease in unwanted light output, making black more black. The emissive layer also increases UV radiation that results in better luminance efficiency, higher brightness and enables faster discharge response.

Source: Pioneer

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