Sunplus Licenses ARM1176JZ-S Processor from ARM

On May 16, Sunplus Technology, an IC design house based in Taiwan, announced the licensing of ARM1176JZ-S processor for developing high-performance, low-power IC solutions for digital cameras and multimedia handset processors. ARM is also committed to capture opportunities in Taiwan for communication and multimedia applications. The ARM1176JZ-6 processor has three features: TrustZone, Jazelle and Intelligent Energy Manager. Jazelle enables the processor for efficient execution of embedded Java code. TrustZone enables the construction of trusted computing environments. As the name implies, the Intelligent Energy Manager significantly reduces processor energy consumption.

What does this have to do with displays?

Mobile phone displays are getting bigger and packed with more pixels than before. These displays generate thousands of colors requiring bright LED lightsources to generate color fidelity for pictures, videos and the mobile OS. All of this requires power and with low-power consumption semiconductor developments, enables the user to be free from the power outlet for longer durations. Java is increasingly being used to offer content on mobile phone platforms and faster execution of that code will mean a better interaction between the user and the device, primarily via the display.

Source: PRNewsWire

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