TFT LCD Panel Inventory Build-up… ?

The second quarter of each year, at least for the US, is not good for many PC, IT-related manufacturers. Maybe everyone is on vacation, who knows, but overall spending on these items tend to slow in the second quarter. And that's probably why there might be TFT LCD panel inventory that is building up. Unless LCD manufacturers make less than they did in the first quarter, logically speaking, there will be an inventory issue. Now, what some LCD suppliers are doing is to shift PC-related panel production such as NBPCs and LCD monitors to CE-related production such as LCD TVs. Unlike PC-related demand, demand for CE items such as LCD TVs continue to be somewhat strong in Q2. Don't ask me why. I don't know. So, what I would expect is an inventory build up of LCD TV panels as many suppliers shift that direction. This is a good thing because by the time Q3 comes around, suppliers will need to blow out LCD TV panel inventory resulting in some very good prices for shoppers wanting or needing to buy a LCD TV in Q4.

Source: DigiTimes 

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