Seiko Epson Begins HTPS LCD Panel Production for 3LCD Front Projectors

Volume production of Seiko Epson’s high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) LCD panels for its 3LCD front projectors have begun. The HTPS LCD panel is 0.8″ diagonal and has a pixel format of 1024 x 768. Like many high-tech gear, the market is much larger at the lower-end when prices start to fall below $1000 for major CE/IT products. Seiko Epson is using its D5 technology that doubles the frame frequency of image data that is written to each pixel from 60Hz to 120Hz. This results in reduction of flicker. With image data that has the same polarity light leackage around the endge of each pixel has been reduced. In addition, image quality is improved by using an alignment layer using inkjet technology. A comparison of D5 to D4:

Pixel format: 1024 x 768
Panel size: 1.0″ diagonal
Pixel pitch: 19.5 micrometer
Aperture ratio: 68%

Pixel format: 1024 x 768
Panel size: 0.8″ diagonal
Pixel pitch: 15.5 micrometer
Aperture ratio: 67% (slightly less)

Source:, Epson

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