Toshiba unveiled twelve REGZA-branded LCD TVs on May 22 in Bonita Springs, Florida. REGZA stands for Real Experience Guaranteed by amaZing Architecture, an interesting acronym to say the least. This is a similar approach that has been succesffuly attempted by both Sharp with its AQUOS brand and Sony’s BRAVIA. The requirements for a Toshiba LCD TV to have the REGZA seal are the existence of the company’s PixelPure Hi-Bit video-processing system and its CineSpeed fast response time system. The PixelPure Hi-Bit process video at 12-bits while the CineSpeed will improve response times by 33% compared to previous models and bring them down to an average of 8ms or less.

There are five levels of REGZA models:

4. Cinema Series REGZA LCD
5. Cinema Series REGZA XHD

The XHD models are top-of-the-line and indicates a pixel format of 1920 x 1080, or Full HD, has a CableCARD slot, dual HDMI inputs, PIP, and Native Mode 1080p that turns off scaling. Screen sizes will range from 26″ to 47″. The LCDVD models will incorporate a DVD player into the TV. Viewing angles will be superb with 176 degrees all around. Pricing, let’s dive into that:

REGZA 26HL66: $1199.99 (avaiable now)
REGZA 32HL66: $1599.99 (available now)
REGZA 37HL66: $2199.99 (available August ’06)

REGZA LCDVD 26HLV66: $1299.99 (available June ’06)
REGZA LCDVD 32HLV66: $1699.99 (available now)
REGZA LCDVD 37HLV66: $2299.99 (available July ’06)

REGZA XHD 42HL196: $2999.99 (available July ’06)

Cinema Series REGZA LCD 37LX96: $2599.99 (available July ’06)

Cinema Series REGZA XHD 42LX196: $3299.99 (available July ’06)
Cinema Series REGZA XHD 47LX196: $4499.99 (available August ’06)

Source: Akhabara News

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