Universal Display Corporation (UDC) and Nippon Steel Chemical Company (NSCC) Collaborate on Vacuum-Deposited OLED Materials

UDC is a LED technology innovator and located in Ewing, New Jersey. UDC’s red PHOLED (or Phosphorescent OLED) materials and NS11 host material from NSCC will provide very good red colors and long lifetimes. UDC’s PHOLED technology is claimed to be 4x higher efficiency than conventional OLEDs that benefit devices using it such as mobile phones to offer more brightness for less power. Less heat is generated as well. With new devices such as Apple’s MacBook Pro that generate enough heat to make the laps of users uncomfortable, R&D to minimize heat generation in devices is a “hot” topic. PHOLED is a result of UDC, Princeton University and University of Southern California work on electrophosphorescence that can convert up to 100% of electrical energy in an OLED into light. Traditional fluorescent OLED technology is limited to 25%. LCD technology’s light generated by the backlight is 90% absorbed by the color filter and other components.

Source: TMCnet, UDC

Image source: UDC

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