Reject Dell’s Demand for Lower Prices on LCD Panels

In today’s LCD economy, Dell is the biggest and baddest bully. This is nothing new. Just like in the software economy, the title goes to Microsoft. Dell wants lower prices. No surprise there. But when the price that Dell wants is lower than what it takes to make the product, we have issues. (Wait a second! Does that mean that Dell is forcing LCD manufacturers to export goods at below cost? That sounds familiar. Dumping, I think it is called. I thought that was illegal.) Anyway, Dell is demanding LCD manufacturers to lower the price of 17″ LCD monitor panels (1280 x 1024 pixel format and the most popular due mostly to the price, currently at less than $249. Dell is currently at $215). Of course, Dell wants the price to be at $199 or lower because the folks there know that at $199, demand perks up quite a bit. Well, the LCD folks are thinking about this and some are guessing that they will say, “No way, Jose!”

Source: DigiTimes

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