Sharp Plans to Outsource 20-30% of LCD TV Panel Needs

Sharp is planning to build (and sell) about 6 million LCD TVs in 2006. Most are guessing about a total of 50 million LCD TVs will be sold this year, so that’s a 12% market share for Sharp. Not bad. But its LCD plant in Kameyama won’t be able to manufacture that many and as a result Sharp is planning to procure 20-30% of its need or about 1.2 – 1.8 million LCD TV panels from outside the company. Sharp has already announced that it is procuring panels from Taiwan (AUO and CMO). The up-coming G8 fab that Sharp is building will go online late this year. For 2007, I am guessing that Sharp will require less input from outside. So AUO and CMO: make sure to sign long term contracts with Sharp!

Source: Forbes

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