Taiwan Overtook South Korea as World’s Largest LCD Producer?

I wonder why this is such a big deal. Maybe because South Korea’s Samsung and LG.Philips LCD have been partying for too long without inviting the Japanese or the Taiwanese. Maybe. I have issues with making something like this a big deal. Of course, reporters and writers have to write about something so they bite into anything. Let’s look at how many LCD manufacturers there are in these two countries:

1. AUO
2. CMO
3. HannStar
4. Quanta Display (will be eaten up by AUO)
5. CPT
6. Innolux

South Korea
1. Samsung
2. LG.Philips LCD

That’s 6 to 2. It’s actually surprising that South Korea has been able to maintain its lead over Taiwan with only two companies. I would say South Korea has the better model: more resources are focused into just two companies instead of six (or more?).

Resource: LA Times

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