BenQ 202W: 20″ Wide LCD Monitor

BenQ is claiming that its 20″ wide LCD monitor, the 202W, is the fastest 20″ monitor out there. It’s got standard specs like full 8-bit color generating 16.7 million colors, 600:1 CR and a 1680 x 1050 pixel format. It’s got a pretty sub-standard viewing angle at a limited 140/130 degrees (left-right/up-down). The response time is claimed to be 8ms. But it is not clear whether that’s simply rise time, fall time, rise-to-fall time, or gray-to-gray time. I checked LG.Philips LCD’s site for their 20″ wide panel (LM201W01) and it has a response time of 16ms. The viewing angle for this panel is 178/178 degrees, much better. So, assuming both are talking about the same response times, BenQ is twice as fast, and that’s pretty good. The fastest? Maybe, but definitely fast. It’s priced well at around $400, but Dell’s got that beat by around $50.

Source: AME Info

More info: BenQ

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