LG.Philips LCD (LPL) at SID 2006: 100″ LCD TV Panel

LPL showcased a 100" LCD TV panel at SID 2006 in SF. It was the largest LCD panel in the world and showed what can be done with the current generation of LCD manufacturing technology in terms of size. Because it was so big, two color filter planes had to be stitched together that resulted in a fairly obvious vertical line right in the middle. Second, with probably hundreds of CCFLs in the back, light uniformity was less than uniform. Nonetheless, LPL's G7 fab, one of the largest in the world with dimensions of 1950 mm x 2250 mm is capable of manufacturing 100" LCD TV panels. There were many other panels showcased but a few noteables:

-Most had color gamuts that improved from 72% to 92% NTSC using wide color CCFLs, that probably uses better phosphors to compete against LEDs.

-MBR or motion blur reduction technology was evident in most of the TV panels that probably uses black-frame-insertion techniques and over-drive circuitry in addition to optically-compensated-bend liquid crystals. Just a guess.

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