Rooftop Antenna Crucial to Great HD Picture

Want a great HD picture? Well, in addition to having a 1920 x 1080 flat panel display, a good ATSC tuner and good content, you'll need a rooftop antenna installed for around $200-$300 according to Don Lindich at Lindich recommends the Channelmaster directional UHF or the Gemini-Zenith GEMDTV-1 antenna.

Of course, if you have cable TV or satellite TV, you might think you wouldn't need a rooftop antenna. Unless your cable or satellite TV provider has options to give you local stations, the antenna is the only way, and in most cases HD content received via the antenna is much better than from your cable or satellite. Why? Because these companies want to deliver as many channels as possible, HD content is compressed to a point where some eagle-eyed consumers will notice the quality degredation over antenna-based content.


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