Toshiba at SID 2006: 3D, OCB, OLED, LTPS LCD

Yahoo: Toshiba was busy at SID 2006. Here are some highlights:

3D display that does not require special glasses and provides natural-looking 3D images. Almost everyone showcased some type of 3D display, but IMO, 3D will take a while for consumers to get used to because for normal applications the 3D effect isn't worth the headache caused by the less-than-perfect 3D images.

32" LTPS TFT LCD using optically compensated bend (OCB). 32" LCD TVs are the most popular but there are still many issues that need to be resolved. One is motion blur. Many display manufacturers at SID had technologies to reduce motion blur. One way is to use fast liquid crystals (LCs) and the fastest to date is OCB with average response times (gray-to-gray) of less than 5ms.

9" field-sequential display with RGB LED backlighting combined with OCB. Field sequential displays do away with color filters that not only absorb 70% of the luminance generated by the backlight but compose roughly 1/3 of the cost of the display

2.2" and 3.5" LTPS OLED displays for mobile phones and PMPs.

2.4" 480 x 640 panel LTPS display. This pixel density is very high, but I believe the luminance will suffer. If not luminance, battery life will.

2.4" 240 x 320 System-on-Glass (SOG) finger-shadow sensing display using 0.2mm glass for slim and light designs. With SOG or COG (chip on glass) technology, modules get slimmer and designs become simpler to integrate into a mobile phone.
14.9" wide automotive instrument panel display. I believe these displays go into current-generation 7-series BMWs.

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